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Love Songs

00:00 / 05:59 - Love Songs

The all time biggest hits to get you through the early hours!

Breakfast Show

06:00 / 09:59 - Breakfast

kissFM kickstart your day with the biggest tunes, Old Skool and Anthems

Morning Show

10:00 / 11:59 - Morning Show

A better way to start your day with the biggest all time hits!

Hit Mix kissFM

12:00 / 17:59 - HIT MIX

Your afternoon playlist covered with the best tunes around.

Hot Line

18:00 / 18:59 - HOT LINE

We've got 1 hour of the biggest hits lined up, just for you!

Kiss Hits at NIght

19:00 / 23:59 - NIGHT HITS

Your night playlist covered with all that hits from yesterday and today!


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